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MultiTes EDK

An enterprise complement to MultiTes Pro, MultiTes EDK consists of a set of tools which help you deploy and publish your thesaurus (.th2) on your organization's servers. Leveraging powerful features available in server-class SQL-based database engines, users can access thesaurus information from any web browser or ADO/ODBC compliant applications.

MultiTes EDK includes a full-blown web based application with source code (ASP & PHP) to illustrate the basics of accessing the thesaurus once it has been transferred to the database server. It also includes the tools necessary to perform the data transfer to MS SQL Server-, Oracle- and MySQL-based database management systems.

For a demo, see a live site using MultiTes EDK here.

Some MultiTes EDK features
  • Command line tools for deploying to MSSQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
  • Full-text search capabilities as supported by your RDBMS.
  • Web based application (ASP & PHP) to navigate and search the thesaurus.
  • Source code for the web application.
  • SKOS and zThes support

Database Server

  • RDBMS (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle currently supported)
  • An estimated 15 MB of disk space for every 50,000 terms, plus the necessary storage required by the full-text indices (this varies by system and configuration).
  • Full text search extensions enabled

Web server

  • Windows 2000/XP/7/8 or Server editions
  • IIS (with .asp or .php handlers installed and configured)
  • Recommended RAM memory for your system
  • 2MB of disk space for application files
  • ADO/ODBC drivers required by your RDBMS

ETL client PC

  • Windows XP/7/8 or compatible
  • Command line client tools for batch data transfer to your RDBMS. Depending on the RDBMS, these include executables such as bcp, isql, mysql, sqlcmd, sqlldr, sqlplus, etc., which are provided by the RDBMS manufacturer and must be installed and tested in the ETL PC prior to using the MultiTes EDK tools.


  • Website administrator
    Required to set up web site and configure access to the database server.
  • Database administrator
    Required to set up database structures, accesses and client tools on ETL PC.
  • Web developer
    Required to set up and adjust the web application to your needs.
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