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MultiTes WDK

An add-on product for MultiTes Pro, MultiTes WDK is a live gateway which enables browsing of a MultiTes Pro thesaurus inside your Intranet or from the Internet, allowing users with any web browser to query and navigate your thesaurus. MultiTes WDK creates web pages "on demand" directly from the MultiTes Pro thesaurus file (.th2 extension), no need to "pre-generate" the site or export data.

See some live web sites using MultiTes WDK technologies.

Some MultiTes WDK features
  • Customized hyperlinks to send terms as parameters to search engines, web sites or Intranet applications. This allows interfacing your thesaurus with an existing web application in your institution, or look up terms in other search engines.
  • Selectable data elements to publish. For example, you may choose to show Related Terms but not History Notes.
  • Configurable terms per page, and paging options.
  • Configurable look and feel, to match your site's design, including CSS support, through the use of template files.
  • Configurable content text and links.
  • Different display formats include term list, term with relationships, term with hierarchy, top term and categories.
  • Direct online access to the thesaurus database, no need to pre-render pages.
  • Search options include "starts with","contains text", "belongs in category" and alphabetical listings.
  • Multiple site, multiple thesauri support, allows having different sites for different people.
  • Default configuration allows for quick deployment with minimal intervention.
System Requirements
  • Windows 7/8/10 or server class computer
  • Windows based web server such as Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Recommended RAM memory for your system and expected load
  • 2MB of disk space for application files
  • Thesaurus database: estimated 15 MB of disk space for every 50,000 terms
  • IIS administrator: Person in charge of configuring Windows and IIS to properly run cgi-bin applications in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Web developer (optional): Person responsible for the integration of the MultiTes WDK site to existing systems. This includes editing the default templates to match the organization's look and feel design guidelines.
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